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Here at Green Boots Digital, we strive to create a product that not only the customer but also the environment will love. Our websites are coded with performance in mind and use a small amount of energy compared to the majority of other sites. We encourage our customers to opt for green web hosting, which allows us to create websites that not only perform brilliantly but also don’t use a ton of dirty energy but rather a small amount of clean, renewable energy.

The web industry currently accounts for as much of the world's carbon emissions as the airline industry! Most people don’t think of the environmental cost of the web, but the 8 million data centers around the world use a staggering amount of energy, and that number is on course for an increase of 16 fold in 7 years.

Most web agencies will try to convince you to use complicated technologies that end up making your website slow and bad for the environment. At Green Boots Digital, we understand that the vast majority of businesses don't need complicated websites, and for that reason, we champion simplicity with cleanly coded sites that look great, run fast, and don't harm the environment in the process.

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